Avery SC-950 Metallic Series – Cast

Avery Graphics SC 900 Metallic cast wrapping films are high performance, flexible, opaque solid colour, high gloss vinyl films designed for use in architectural, vehicle and general signage markings.

Recommended applications include:
Metallic: Flat, Flat with Rivets
Ultra Metallic: Flat surfaces only

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3M Edge Sealer 3950
  • Use this product to seal exposed edges of compatible films to help prevent the film from lifting due to environmental exposure or cleaning.
  • Clear liquid, Acrylic/vinyl solution in xylene
  • Chemical resistance: Resists mild acids, mild alkalis, and salts, Excellent water resistance.
  • Edge sealing minimizes the adverse effects of rigorous use by providing water and contaminant-tight seal between a graphic film and substrate.
  • Available in 8 oz Brush-In-Cap.

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