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  • MacTac StreetTRAX Outdoor Floor Vinyl Media

    STX1528 is a 13.5 mil, non-skid, printable, clear grit coated outdoor stabilized white, non-PVC, film. This product is designed to produce outdoor sidewalk and parking lot ‘floor’ graphics. The product is coated on one side with 2 mils of an aggressive, permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive that bonds extremely well to flat or slightly rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Do not apply to smooth, sealed concrete unless a permanent bond is desired. STX1528 is supplied with a 90# polycoated release liner for excellent stability through the printing process. The face is designed for excellent printability with Solvent, Eco-solvent, Latex, UV-Gel and UV-cured inkjet printers.

    StreetTRAX requires no lamination as it is inherently slip resistant due to the extreme texture on the printable surface. StreetTRAX passes the newest international specification, B101.1 for wet Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) and B101.3 for wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) specification established by NFSI and ANSI.

    Click here for Full StreetTrax Specification Sheet 

  • Graphic Commerce Digital Banner Material



  • Pre-Grommeted Ready-2-Print Banner

    Available in: WHITE – YELLOW – BLACK – RED – GREEN – BLUE



    Quickly and easily create full colour banners with this pre-hemmed, pre-grommeted banner material, designed for use with digital printers.

     Grommets are placed every 24″, allowing you to simply print, cut the length that you need, and install.

    Compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, or Latex inks. 





  • MacTac M-Dot Series for Indoor Walls – Windows – Floors

    Print and Stick – No lamination required

    Can be removed and re-applied

    Mactac M-Dot Series

    A PVC film designed for Latex, UV and solvent-based inkjet printing. The product is coated on one side with a semi-sphere structured, clear removable, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. M-Dot Floor is designed for short term indoor advertising and promotion on flat, smooth surfaces. Examples include smooth floors, trade shows, hospitality, restaurants, malls, libraries and more.


    MD199 Gloss Clear and MD228 Matte White are 4.7 mil Products designed for Indoor smooth walls and windows.                         

    MD128 Matte White is a 7.9 mil product with anti-slip feature and designed for short term Indoor smooth floor applcations

    See Spec sheet for MD 199 here.


    See Spec sheet for MD 128 here