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    “1 SHOT” LETTERING ENAMELS – For over 60 years the Sign Industry’s leading lettering enamel.

    “One Shot” Lettering enamel is an oil based – lead free – superior quality high gloss enamel for interior or exterior use on metal, glass ( not for use on windshields), wood, masonite, MDO and enamel receptive banner and vinyl materials. Intended for sign writing on store fronts, vehicles and wherever fine lettering work is desired. They have outstanding hiding, durability and excellent resistance to sagging. Superior flow characteristics assure the virtual absence of brush marks and provide a clean, sharp edge.

    Full Colour Range follows
    All colours available in 1/2 pts and quarts. Gallons available in Black, White and Selected Colours.
    Colour Range on lower page.
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    Producing a full-gloss dazzling finish, 1 Shot Bulletin Colors are ideal for short-term exterior signs such as billboards and interior signs and murals. A fast-drying alkyd-resin gloss enamel that allows  coating large areas,  with single-coat coverage.

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